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5 Extraordinary Experiences Of A Private Guided Tour In Italy

All tourists are advised to rough it out in Italy since it offers enough thrill and excitement alone in its beautiful streets, panoramic city squares and evergreen buildings. But there are some unique and truly incredible attractions that are to be found in a private guided tour as well. Here are the 5 most memorable adventures and experiences that will change forever the concept of luxury travel in Italy.

1.  Explore The Hidden Corridors Of The Colosseum.  On your own, you can savour the intricate beauty of the Colosseum from the surface. But it is only a guided trip that can take you deep into the hidden corridors of this historic battle arena. This was where the furious and dusty battles between gladiators and beasts were fought. They were preserved intact in all their gritty beauty when they were buried at the end of the Fifth Century AD. You can also explore, for the first time, the secret tunnels and trapdoors that lent an off-kilter view of the ferocious and bloody battles. 

 2. Go Hunting For Truffles In Tuscany.  Along with the wineries and pizzerias, Italy is a literal heaven for gourmands because it is also home to the delectable truffles. Truffles are those legendary black mushrooms that are elusive and hard to find. That is unless you have a trusted dog by your hand. A guided tour can give you the chance to join this not-so-wild hunt for these black treasures hidden in the earth of Tuscany. You can then return with your bounty to the Truffle House and indulge in consuming these earthly delights in style. 

 3. Go Beyond Venice To Its Lagoon Islands.  You might not realize it but Venice is actually located in a big lagoon that stretches for 30 miles from the northern to southern end. And there are also many small islands in this lagoon that deserve to be seen for their beauty. Of them all, Burano is a quaint and colourful fishing island with a sumptuous treasure of seafood delicacies. As in Venice, You can also stumble upon a long-lasting legacy of lace-making here and glass-making in the equally beauteous island of Murano. 

 4. Ride In The Helicopter Over Volcanoes.  Remember Mount Etna out of where the adventurers of Jules Verne came out with an explosive eruption? You can now witness the spectacular beauty of these volcanoes, not only in their formidable presence but also the incredible beauty of the terrain. The surface changes from pine and birch wood forests to entire stretches of land that are soiled black with lava right down to mountains capped with luscious snow and cliffs that face the Mediterranean Sea. This sweeping ride will be one of those luxury travel experiences that will be awe-inspiring. 

 5. Discover The Sicily Of Don Corleone.  Finally, if you have ever quoted the most quoted one-liner from The Godfather, it is time for you to revisit your love for this evergreen Mafia classic. You can visit the opulent mansion where handsome Michael enjoys his tragically short-lived marriage with Apollonia and even the church of St. Lucy where they were wedded in their glory. Remember to play the Nino Rota score in your car as you drive down Sicily’s streets. And soak in the atmosphere of those swells in the sunlight.

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